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NMC delays revalidation roll out

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has delayed the roll out of revalidation by a year, it has been announced.

In an accountability hearing with the Health Select Committee yesterday (16 October 2012), Jackie Davies, Chief Executive of the NMC, admitted the regulator has not made as much progress on revalidation “as it would have liked to have done”.

She confirmed the timetable for the beginning of a nursing and midwifery revalidation process has been “pushed back” from the planned 2014 date to 2015.

“Revalidation is a huge undertaking, we are not going to be able to revalidate 670,000 in one go,” she said.

“We will identify the high risk areas and target them initially. By 2015, the NMC revalidation structure will be in place.”

The revalidation timetable has been delayed as a result of the struggling regulator's fitness to practise (FtP) backlog.

There are some 1400 substantive cases awaiting hearing, which the NMC expects to “realistically” clear by 2014.

“This is an organisation that has made promises in the past and has failed to deliver,” said Davies.

“The NMC has tried to please too many people and it has lost its way. We need to be realistic and honest about what we can do.”

Mark Addison, Chair of the NMC, told the committee he was “struck” by the optimism of staff in making changes to the culture of the organisation and how it works.