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NMC to promote simulated learning for students

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has decided to help student nurses develop direct skills by promoting simulated practice learning.

The move comes after a partnership between the NMC and the Council of Deans of Health and Nurse Directors' Association tested simulated practice learning with 6,000 students from 13 pilot sites around the UK.

Garth Long, NMC education advisor, said: "We have tried and tested these principles in a range of settings and the results show that students have a much better experience during practice after first rehearsing their skills in a stimulated environment."

Paul Turner, executive officer for the Council of Deans of Health welcomed the new opportunities saying: "Simulated learning provides students with learning opportunities that are not available in the clinical setting.

"For example, teachers and mentors are able to 'freeze the frame' and feedback to the student straight away, which would not be possible in a real situation as the focus would be on the patient and not the student.

"Ultimately, students will feel more confident in approaching clinical situations and will be able to use time in practice more effectively."

Commenting on the initiative, Sarah Thewlis NMC chief executive and registrar said: "Protection of the public is the NMC's first and foremost concern, and this development will help ensure students are fit to practice when they register with the NMC."


Do you think more simulated practice learning is a good idea for student nurses? Your comments: (Terms and conditions apply)

"Using simulated learning has showed me how much learning I have achieved while on my placement. Being tested in a simulated way has made me gain confidence, use my reflective skills and realise how some things are done the way they are done - giving priority. Above all, learnt knowledge is transferred into practical using my cognitive domain." - Caroline Mukamuligo,  Greenwich

"I think it is an excellent idea. I am a first year student nurse and will be soon given the opportunity to use stimulated  dummies. This will give me more confidence when out in practice and I will be able to reflect on areas where i will need to improve or better still areas where I have improved." - L Farnin, North Lanarkshire