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NMC: Revalidation for nurses now on the cards

Nurses and midwives in the UK could face checks every three years to ensure their skills are up to date, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has proposed. 

Patients, colleagues and employers would give feedback on the nurses' performance, with those deemed unsuitable barred from working. 

The system is similar to doctor's revalidation which was introduced last year by the General Medical Council. 

The current system sees nurses declare themselves fit to practice. But revalidation for nurses has been under discussion for years. 

If the recommendation is agreed next week the NMC would launch a consultation in early 2014. 

NMC chief executive Jackie Smith said: “Ensuring that the skills and conduct of nurses and midwives remain up to date throughout their careers is an important area of regulation. Any effective system of revalidation will increase public confidence that nurses and midwives remain capable of safe and effective practice.

“Council's decision on which model of revalidation the NMC should adopt is an important one which will focus our work for years to come.”