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Nurse clamped during home visits

A nurse has been targeted by wheel clampers for using an elderly patient's parking space while she carried out visits.

Nurse Hannah Bannock, who was clamped in Clacton, Essex on Monday, had an NHS permit badge displayed in the car and was in full uniform, a spokesman for the North East Essex Primary Care Trust said.

Mrs Bannock was forced to postpone her other appointments for around five hours while she waited for the clamp to be removed.

The situation "beggared belief" said Peter Richardson of the primary care trust.

"One of our nurses has been hamstrung for the whole day and these people seem totally above the law," he added.

Mr Richardson said the nurse was initially fined "somewhere in the region of £850" but it was understood the trust had been told it would not have to pay for the fine.

Mrs Bannock, from Colchester, Essex, told the Daily Mail she explained to the clampers that she was on duty and had more patients to see, but they refused to budge, telling her the fine would increase by £50 for every 30 minutes she refused to pay.

She eventually resorted to sitting in her car to prevent it being towed away. The clamp was eventually released at 4.45pm.

A spokesman for South East Clamping was unavailable for comment. The government is to announce that wheel clampers are to be banned from operating on private land.

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North East Essex Primary Care Trust

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"This is not on when all the nurse was trying to do was her job. Who do these people think they are, preventing her from visiting the sick? The job of a district nurse can be stressful enough with traffic, more patients being cared for at home and greater distances to travel between patients" - Louise Baker, Midlands

"The wheel clampers need to be fined by the local authorities for the illegal way that they operate. It is disgusting how they seem to have the freedom to operate in this manner. I do hope that the law enforcement authority would come up with a solution soon and charge these wheelclamping menace in turn and make THEM pay a fine for this kind of operation" - Anne Majumdar, Swindon

"I have been clamped twice. Once, I was going into the flat to get the parking permit and found my car 'done' in moments. The second time was in a pub car park at 9.30 am, when the pub was shut. I had nowhere else to park, given I had heavy equipment to carry. In both cases my management
refused to pay the unclamping fine, saying it was my liability. A total disgrace. I really hope I have to look after one of those clampers one day" - Isobel Yeomans, Nottingham