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Nurse creates petition against NMC fee hikes

A nurse has set up a petition calling on the government to review how the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) sets the annual registration fee. 

Last Wednesday Stephen Iwasyk set up the online petition, which has already attracted 47,985 signatures

If the petition is signed by 100,000 people it could be debated by MPs in Parliament. 

In the petition, Iwasyk, a mental health liaison nurse at the Hertfordshire Partnership University Foundation Trust pointed out that "the fees were increased two years ago from £76 to £100 following a consultation that was overwhelmingly against the rise. 

"The NMC are, of course, obliged to consult before any further rise. However, 96%+ of individuals voted against the rise last time." 

According to the NMC, the financial situation is currently "unsustainable" in the future without a further rise in fees. 

The regulator is expecting to end the current financial year with a deficit of £7.3 million. 

An NMC spokesperson said: “As the two years of additional funding provided by the government draws to a close, the NMC council will be reviewing the current fee structure at their March 2014 council meeting.

“This is in line with the NMC's commitment to review fees on an annual basis,” she said. “The NMC council will have the final decision on whether a fee consultation needs to take place.”

The petition is available on the government website