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Nurse cycles Vietnam for charity: Day 1 & 2

Practice nurse Rhona Aikman has cycled 470km (292 miles) and managed to raise over £6,000 on behalf of Diabetes UK. In this short series of blogs Rhona takes us step by step through her time in Vietnam. 
Day 1: 64kms
We were off to an early start as we were being transported a couple of hours out of Ho Chi Min city to our starting point at My Tho - the gateway to the Mekong Delta.
This was to be a relatively easy day I think they were trying to break us in gently - it gave in our group of cyclists the chance to chat to the others as we had only met the day before. 
Today's ride took us along narrow roads and lanes, past banana plantations and fields of sugar cane. The countryside here was quite lush and dense giving us a bit of protection from the sun which was great as the temperature was 32c. 
We had a few short ferry crossings on boats that had seen better days. The afternoon took us off road onto gravel lanes and by the end of the day we had three people with grazed knees, elbows or faces from falls - fortunately none were too serious. 
The final section took us back onto the road finishing with a spectacular finale of 24 people cycling right into the foyer of the hotel! We had made it 64kms - only another 406 to go! 
Day 2: 82 kms
Another early start and after a short cycle we stopped to visit a Buddhist temple. The scenery was quite different as this area has many ethnic Khmer people living here. It was even hotter today and we spent much of the day in open areas with no protection from the sun. 
By lunchtime I was struggling with the heat. In the afternoon the scenery changed and we passed through villages lined with trees giving some protection. 
We must have gone over dozens of bridges today some better than others most with no sides. We were getting better at shouting warnings out to the person behind: “bridge” or “motorbike coming”. 
Only one fall today so we must be improving. Another 82kms done but I was very glad to reach the hotel for the night. 
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