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Nurse cycles Vietnam for charity: Day 6 & 7

Practice nurse Rhona Aikman has cycled 470km (292 miles) and managed to raise over £6,000 on behalf of Diabetes UK. In this short series of blogs Rhona takes us step by step through her time in Vietnam - and she has finally reached Cambodia
Day 6: 65kms
Today started with a bus transfer out of the city, stopping at a town called Skun which is famous in Cambodia and known in the local language as “Spiderville”. Yes, its fame relates to the local delicacy of deep fried tarantulas. Some people were brave enough to try them but I stuck to fresh fruit! 
After that, back to the bikes and ready for the day's adventure. Only 65kms today! 
Fortunately the countryside was quite tropical with a lot of shade from coconut, banana and rubber trees. 
We had the pleasure of visiting the home village of Pia, one of our Cambodian guides and meeting his mother and brother. 
We sat in the porch of his family home for our morning break. This was only the second time he had taken a group there I think he was unsure if groups would like this, but we assured him they would. By now we knew each other quite well and it was interesting to chat as we cycled and find out what motivated people to take part in this. Most had very personal reasons for taking part. 
It was quite a cheery group that arrived at the hotel that night - the end was in sight.
Day 7
Another bus transfer today avoiding some very poor roads in Cambodia. This gave us a chance to see a bit more of the countryside. No problems today getting us on our bikes, we were all ready for the final day and excited at the thought of reaching the famous site at Ankor Wat. 
We stopped for lunch at the Roulous Pagoda, one of the oldest and most famous Buddhist monasteries in the area. The road leading to the famous heritage site is lined with temples and statues fitting with this majestic site. 
We arrived at the finish line as the sun was beginning to go down and were welcomed with a banner indicating the finish line and a glass of bubbly to celebrate. 
A few tears were shed as it was quite a poignant moment remembering why we had each undertaken this challenge - and it had been a challenge! For many it was also a sense of relief that they had made it. 
We enjoyed a final celebratory dinner that night, what a fantastic end to a challenging week. There were several sporting cuts, scrapes or bruises gathered along the way, several sore bottoms and weary legs but we didn't care as we had made it. 
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