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Nurse "glued toddler's eye shut"

A nurse in a health clinic in Portsmouth is at the centre of an investigation after a toddler's eye was glued shut.

Archie Harris, was left unable to open his eye after a nurse accidentally glued it shut.

The 14-month-old went for treatment to an NHS-funded clinic for a cut on his head after a fall at nursery.

His family claim that when the nurse attempted to seal the wound, a large amount of glue ran into Archie's left eye as he was seen at the St Mary's Treatment Centre, Milton.

Despite trying for two hours the eyelid could not be opened and Archie was taken to hospital where doctors said they had to wait for the eye to calm down.

After four days, the toddler eventually had to have a general anaesthetic in hospital last Friday when doctors successfully prised open the eye.

The treatment centre is funded by the NHS but run by a private firm called Care UK.

In a statement the company said: "Care UK would like to express its sympathy to Archie Harris and his family for the obvious distress caused in this incident.

"Care UK would like to stress that it takes all such incidents very seriously and is currently carrying out a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding this case."

The spokesman added the primary care trust that funds the centre had ordered the results of an investigation be handed to them in seven days.

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"Archie Harris is my nephew and I think the whole thing is disgusting! Sadly, and more worryingly, Archie's case is just one of many that I have heard of and seen firsthand lately of seemingly "shoddy" practice within the health service! I'm not sure the workers themselves are to blame in most circumstances, more the training and basic set up of the system in general! These people are trained to a very basic standard and I wouldn't mind betting that there is a certain amount of "we've given you the basic knowledge, now get out there and learn from experience" approach! When is someone going to become accountable for the fact that this approach is at the service user's expense! Not to mention the people on the frontline doing the best with less than adequate training! It's time we stopped pussyfooting around, started ironing out the fundamental problems and stopped the health service abusing their position of trust and "duty to CARE"! I, for one, have very little if any faith left in the health service at all! How sad!" - Kim, West Sussex

"It's about time the NHS fully investigated all negligent cases. You should not be allowed to hide behind a shoddy bed curtain making those people who trust you and your judgments feel as if they haven't a leg to stand on when it all goes wrong. You also employ people, give them little or no training, and then ask them to complete tasks which they haven't been trained for. The whole system disgusts me!" - Jackie, Exeter