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Nurse leadership programme now open

Frontline nurses and midwives are being encouraged to join a major new leadership development programme, which has now opened for applications.

The Frontline nursing and midwifery programme is aimed at all nurses and midwives working in organisations providing NHS-funded care.

Delivered over six months and taught through a mix of online learning and face-to-face workshops, the development programme aims to support participants to be the nurse or midwife they want to be. 

The organisers claim it will help nurses to develop the skills needed to reflect on their strengths, role and their ability to do what they came into the profession to do -  to make a difference to people's lives.

It builds on previous nationally-delivered nursing and midwifery leadership programme, incorporating online learning with face-to-face sessions delivered regionally to be accessible to as many nurses and midwives as possible.

Karen Lynas, the deputy managing director of the NHS Leadership Academy, said: “Leadership is about modelling a way of behaving; being courageous enough to make sure you spend time where you know it is best served. It's about redesigning the way care is delivered so the priorities are right, and having control over resources so they are spent on the right things.  It's about pushing against the boundaries of your control and influence so you lead as much of your own professional lives and the work of those around you that you possibly can.

“The Frontline nursing and midwifery programme is a major investment by the NHS in its staff and I hope that thousands will seize this incredible opportunity - to make improvements to services, support colleagues in their teams and organisations, and for themselves.”

Jane Cummings, chief nursing officer of England, said: “I'm delighted to welcome the Frontline nursing and midwifery programme. It is through the 6Cs of: care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment that we will improve the quality, effectiveness, safety and experience of patient care, and this programme will support nurses and midwives in developing the skills and confidence to make changes where they are most needed.”

The programme is being delivered by the NHS Leadership Academy as part of a comprehensive investment in leadership development.

To find out more, visit the NHS Leadership Academy website