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Nurse sacked over MRSA failures

Nurse who demonstrated a lack of basic anatomical knowledge found guilty of misconduct

A 53-year-old nurse from Birmingham who was found guilty of a string of allegations of misconduct which occurred between May and July 2005 will no longer be able to work as a nurse.

Yvonne Zanele Cemane was employed at Rylands Nursing and Residential Home at the time she was charged with 8 counts of misconduct between including a number of instances where she failed to demonstrate an appropriate level of anatomical knowledge, failed to take appropriate precautions when dealing with a patient with MRSA and failed to respect the dignity of a patient who was incontinent.

Following a two day hearing, an independent panel of the Nursing and Midwifery Council's (NMC) Conduct and Competence Committee found that her fitness to practice was impaired and determined that her name should be struck from the NMC register.

Commenting on the outcome of the hearing, NMC spokesperson Leila Harris said: "The panel reached this conclusion having given regard to the seriousness of the offences, particularly in relation to a vulnerable patient.

"Their decision reflects a fundamental breach of the standards of basic nursing care and to keep this person on the register would mean a continued risk to patients. The panel has a duty to act in the public interest and to preserve the public's confidence in the profession."

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"I do not believe in the NMC at all. I am a dual qualified nurse highly qualified nurse RGN/RMN/998/BA(Hons)Health. I have reported more serious cases to the NMC and they do not take notice of it. My managers have left a hep B positive on the ward without gloves, no yellow bag. The ward is being managed in a primitive way. The management also employed a CPR teacher who is bogus and has no anatomical knowledge. She does not know even which side the heart is. Before the suspension do the NMC asked themselves NMC should first look if this area of nursing have been providing up to date training. Was this nurse booked for up to date training on infection and declined to attend the update? If this is not the case then the nurse should be reinstated and given a chance to be retrained. I feel the NMC should see if this nurse is willing to attend the update" - Name and address supplied

"I would question the supervision here!" - Name and address supplied

"Why has she been allowed to continue working since 2005? It is a disgrace that nurses and doctors are treated so leniently when misconduct has been proved" - Name and address supplied

"Should have happened sooner!" - Name and address supplied

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