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Nurse sacked for prescribing church

A nurse who was sacked after he suggested a patient should go to church to alleviate stress is considering taking legal action against the NHS.

Anand Rao, 71, was suspended by Leicester NHS Trust after suggesting patients could benefit from going to church during a role-play training session. Course directors complained about his conduct and he was later dismissed after a disciplinary hearing.

During the session Mr Rao told one woman, playing a patient with a heart condition, that going to church might help her.

The Christian Legal Centre (CLC) is now representing the former nurse, who is considering challenging the decision by his former employer.

CLC director, Andrea Minichiello Williams, said: "How is it possible that a nurse who has served the public for 40 years should find himself dismissed because in a training exercise he advised someone to go to church? To seek to censor and suppress this kind of language and belief is the fruits of a closed society."

However, a spokesman for the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, said that since joining the trust in 2005, "Mr Rao had continuously shown a disregard for the Nursing and Midwifery's code of conduct, which he had breached on more than one occasion".

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