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Nurse touting sexual services is struck off

A 34-year-old nurse who has brought the nursing profession into disrepute has been struck off the register by the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC).

The Independent Conduct and Competence Committee panel heard how Lynsey Brown, who was employed as a registered nurse at the Churchwood Medical Practice, knowingly entered or allowed to be entered inappropriate and sexually explicit material onto a personal profile on a website.

Brown, who was not present at the hearing, identified herself as a "professional nurse" and "senior nurse" on the site and listed her personal details and preferred sexual practices.

On 12 April 2005, having discussed her nursing career via email with Daniel Jones, an undercover reporter, Brown accepted payment of £120 and agreed to provide him with sexual services on a subsequent date while dressed in her nursing uniform.

Following Brown's admission that her fitness to practise was impaired by reason of misconduct, the independent panel decided to remove her from the register. The panel had no doubt that her conduct undermined the trust and confidence the public rightly expect from the nursing profession, and that her actions brought the profession into disrepute.

NMC spokesperson, Sarah Connolly, said: "Brown's actions were a serious departure from the NMC Code and the standards expected of someone in a caring profession. Despite her good work history prior to the event, this was a deliberate act and Brown has admitted her behaviour impaired her fitness to practice. Her actions undermined the reputation of the profession and the independent panel were convinced a striking off order was necessary for the protection of the public and to uphold public confidence in the nursing profession."


Was this the right decision? Your comments: (Terms and conditions apply)

"Yes the decision was correct. What she does in private is her own concern, but she should not have abused her professional position and integraty by associating her social/sexuals with that of her profession whether in private or public." - V Henry, London

"Yes as she used her nursing profession to advertise her other 'job' complete with dressing up in her uniform to perform services. If she had decided to do the sex job without involving her nursing role in any way, I think what she does in her own time is up to her." - S, Peterborough

"No! Why should she get struck off? Was she advertising her services as a NHS nurse - I think not, just a 'senior nurse' which is what many ladies of the night dress up as anyway. I think the NMC have a cheek. On radio 2 this morning there was a phone in about a new 'robot' who will clean wards and fetch prescriptions etc, and many of the callers seemed to think it was a waste of money as they expected nurses to do the cleaning as they did 'in the old days'. So what 'reputation' are they talking about? We have already been sweepingly accused of being 'promiscuous and dirty' by Lord Mancroft. We have been let down by successive governments and are still looked down on as handmaidens and bed pan washers. If I was young enough and good looking enough I may consider it myself, as despite a degree and prescribing status, I am still earning under average wage and still cannot afford somewhere secure to live! Daniel Jones ought to take a good, hard, long look in the mirror. I hope
this self-rightous, seedy little hack is unable sleep at night." - Name and address supplied

"Yes as she accepted money for sex. However the website and anything that was not covered by the payment I feel would have been ok." - Darren, Scotland