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Nurses to address dermatology treatment compliance

Health professionals need to develop practical ways to improve poor patient compliance to dermatological treatment, says a scientist in the Archives of Dermatology.

Steven Feldman at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in the USA believes non-compliance explains why some dermatological conditions appear resistant to treatment.

Patients are often forgetful or they may think treatment will worsen their disease, says Feldman.

He adds that health staff can improve patient compliance by "establishing strong, trusting physician-patient relations, choosing medications that can fit patients' lifestyles, using patient education materials designed to motivate without overly stressing risks, and scheduling a follow-up visit shortly after initiating a new treatment."

Feldman says that understanding that non-adherence is a widespread problem is essential in dealing with skin disease dilemmas.

"Patients who are more satisfied with their visit are more trusting of their doctor, worry less about adverse effects and use their medication more regularly," he says.

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