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Nurses call for increased IT training

More needs to be done to provide nursing staff with appropriate technology and the training to use it, a survey has shown. 

The poll, carried out by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) shows that while 85% felt confident using information and computer technology, lack of equipment, time and training prevent them from using it to benefit patient care. 

The majority of nurses felt they had little or no influence over the use of eHealth in their workplace. 

RCN chief executive Dr Peter Carter said: “The direction of travel in the NHS is towards a greater use of technology to benefit patients, both in the quality of their care and the ease with which they can access their records. However, not enough nurses have had the training and equipment they would like to help patients access their health records online.

“We would like to see nursing staff more involved in the implementation of eHealth to ensure the focus of new technology is always on how it can improve care for patients.”

Over a third had inadequate access to equipment and just under a fifth of respondents had gone without training for more than three years due to a lack of time.