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Nurses to claim for unpaid hours

A campaign has been launched to highlight the unpaid hours done by nursing staff.

The Royal College of Nursing's (RCN) Excess Hours Campaign  encourages nurses within selected trusts to claim for the actual hours they work including overtime and breaks.

Dr Peter Carter, RCN Chief Executive and General Secretary said:

“Day in and day out, nursing staff go above and beyond for their patients. Anyone who has had contact with a member of the nursing profession over recent years will know just how long their working day is and how hard they work.

“The current Government regularly says how much it values NHS staff but the failure to pay them for the extra work they do sends out a very different message.

“This is an election year and all parties should listen to nurses' concerns about their pay and working conditions.

“Enough is now enough and the RCN is supporting our members to ensure that their contractual rights are met.”

Michael Brown, Chair of Council said:

"Every day we hear from members who are struggling with years of pay restraint and enormous job pressures.

“It's high time that nurses and other health care professionals were paid a fair and accurate wage for the tough, demanding job that they do."