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Nurses to learn of pension changes

Nurses are to find out more about the additional pension contributions they will be expected to pay, it has emerged.

Ministers will announce that five million public sector workers - also including teachers, doctors and civil servants - will be affected by the pension scheme changes, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph.

The highest earners will be hardest hit, however there will be no increase in contributions for 750,000 of the lowest earners.

It was reported that an additional £3,400 a year will be required to be paid by the 40,000 highest-paid workers in the public sector for their final salary schemes over the first 12 months.

NHS workers earning £50,000 would pay a further £768 a year, whereas teachers in that bracket would be hit with an extra £696, and civil servants £684.

A further £516 will have to be paid by workers earning £35,000 a year, and a further £108 by those in the £21,000 bracket.

According to the report, the figures suggest that a nurse earning £25,000 would only lose out by £12 every month.

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"I want to know how the government have managed to pass this without any negotiation. This is a disgrace. They are targeting the wrong people again. How about targeting the bankers and really high earners for a change? It's always the people that do the jobs that affect people's real lives that get hit hardest. I am totally disgusted with this government" - Sarah Everett, Glasgow