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Nurses lobby MPs for fair pay

Royal College of Nursing (RCN) council members lobbied MPs in Westminster yesterday (July 1) calling for fair pay.  

The RCN took part in the lobby as part of the joint-union "All Together for the NHS" campaign co-ordinated by the TUC.   

Staff representatives are urging MPs to reward workers properly following the government´s decision that hundreds of thousands of staff receiving automatic "progression-in-job" increases will not get a 1% cost of living increase  recommended by the independent NHS Pay Review Body for 2014-2015.  

Yesterday´s action followed the call from Dr Peter Carter, chief executive and general secretary of the RCN to members to target their MPs.   

Speaking at the RCN conference last month, Dr Carter branded Ministers´ decision on pay  "ruthless" but urged nurses not to push for a strike. 

He highlighted the 11.5% pay rise MPs got following a review of their pay and called on members to lobby their MPs.  

Dr Carter said: “The government claims that cutting the pay of its hardworking and loyal staff is the only way to afford the NHS, but this is simply not true. We should not be forced to choose between fair nursing pay, and the proper funding of the NHS.  

“No one is denying that times have been tough and that difficult decision needed to be made. However, nurses have already endured a pay restraint since 2010.  

“They've cared for record numbers of patients through the most disruptive reorganisation in the history of the NHS and in the face of huge workforce cuts. They deserve to be valued and appreciated.”  

MPs will be lobbied in their constituencies on July 4 as part of the "All Together for the NHS" campaign.