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Nurses prepare for second pay strike

Another strike over NHS pay restraint has been planned for 24 November in England. 

Nurses and midwives and other healthcare workers will walk out for a second time, following a four-hour strike on 13 October. 

Action short of strike will take place through the rest of the week, including measures such as working to rule. 

The British Dieticians Association and Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association will take part in action short of strike. 

Unions involved in the walk out are: 

 - Royal College of Midwives (RCM)

 - Unite

 - Unison

 - GMB

 - Managers in Partnership

 - Prison Officers Association 

 - Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians

 - Society of Radiographers

 - British Association of Occupational Therapists

Last month saw the first industrial action in the RCM's 133-year history. Cathy Warwick, RCM chief executive, said: “Our action in October was very effective in showing the level of discontent amongst midwives and that the goodwill that midwives gives to the NHS everyday is worth far more than the 1% pay increase. Announcing these further dates of action shows that we are determined that enough is enough, NHS staff deserve fair pay.

“Our members have suffered three years of pay restraint and face the prospect that their pay in 2016 will only be 1% higher than it was in 2010.The recommendations from all public sector pay review bodies have been followed except those for health workers. This is not acceptable. There is still time to come back to the negotiating table and to take a more reasonable position on the PRB recommendation.”

Ministers in England decided only to award NHS staff a 1% pay increase if they were not given automatic professional development rises. 

However the independent pay review body said a 1% pay rise should be given to all staff. 

Ministers in Scotland accepted the recommendations of the pay review body. Wales decided not to offer the 1% increase across the board, but offered more to staff on low pay. Northern Ireland has not made a decision on pay yet.