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Nurses to promote asthma holidays for children

Children and young people with asthma should be referred to specialist “Kick Asthma” holidays this summer, say Asthma UK.

Evidence has shown that asthma care holidays help children manage their asthma and spend less time using healthcare services.

Parents of children who have attended Kick Asthma holidays reported a 22% reduction in the number of visits to their child's GP for asthma and a 27% reduction in hospital admissions, three months after the Kick Asthma holiday.

Kick Asthma holidays are split into two age ranges, from six to 11 years and 12 to 17 years.

Children learn how to take control of their asthma, take part in physical and social activities and enjoy a break from their parents.

Jerry Parry, Asthma UK's children and young people's development manager, said: “Bullying at school and anxiety about taking part in physical exercise makes dealing with asthma much more difficult for children and their parents.

“It is a delight to see children leaving the holidays feeling much more confident, supported by others with the same difficulties and able to manage their asthma more effectively.”

Asthma UK