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Nurses in Scotland to receive ‘immediate’ 3% pay rise

Nurses working in Scotland will receive an ‘immediate’ 3% pay rise, according to Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Speaking at the SNP’s annual conference at the weekend, she announced that they were in negotiations to agree a three year pay deal with NHS staff that will ‘exceed’ the deal agreed in England last week.

But in the meantime, while negotiations continue, she pledged that nurses will receive a ‘payment on account’.

Nurses earning up to £80,000 per year will receive a 3% rise, with those earning £80,000 or more receiving a £1,600 increase.

In addition, nurses who are not at the top of their pay bands will receive any increments they are due.

Ms Sturgeon told the conference: ‘We know the last few years of pay restraint have been tough. Right now, we’re in negotiations to agree a three year pay deal for NHS staff which will not just match but exceed the deal agreed in England. I hope these talks reach a positive conclusion soon.

‘But I don’t want those working so hard in the NHS to have to wait for that agreement to get a pay rise this year. So I can announce today that we will make a payment on account.

‘All staff working under NHS Agenda for Change and earning up to £80,000 will get an immediate 3% pay rise and it will be in their pay packets next month. That means the vast majority of our frontline NHS staff will be paid, not just the same as in NHS England this year, but more.’

Draft Scottish budget plans published last year revealed that nurses earning up to £30,000 would be eligible for the 3% pay increase, but the SNP have decided to offer an immediate uplift in lieu of a bigger rise after negotiations have concluded.

It follows the approval of the pay deal in England last week, after 13 out of the 14 unions voted in favour of the Conservative government’s proposal.