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Nursing jobs highly sought after

Nursing jobs are the most in-demand medical role in the UK, a recruitment survey shows.

An online medical recruitment service have revealed that nursing positions are in such high demand - three nurses are often in competition for one post.

Since January this year, over 3,200 nursing jobs were posted on the website and almost 9,000 potential candidates have applied.

Only recently, the Royal College of Nursing claimed that in the last 18 months, 22,000 NHS staff have lost their jobs, and "specialist nurses" are the worst hit.

"The state of the NHS is a highly visible issue in the UK at the moment, and although the end of tenure in specific positions goes some way to explain why there are increasing numbers of positions opening up, the numbers of nurses unfortunately losing their jobs has risen significantly," says Vicky Scott, the recruitment site's operations manager.

"There are large numbers of nurses out there who have been given a very high level of training, but who now find themselves without a full-time position."

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"I feel particularly bitter about the promises that have been given to nursing over the last 10 years by this present government. Despite encouraging me to gain a degree at huge personal cost and promising me a rewarding and satisfying career, I now find myself unwanted by my local Trusts' as after 20 years experience in front line emergency work I am
over qualified and too highly experienced to apply for the low grade vacancies which are all our cash strapped hospitals and PCT's have to offer. Despite running wards and departments at dangerously low levels, there are still a number of nurses like myself who are scratching around trying to earn a living through agency, bank and part time posts, not knowing whether in the next month we will have enough work to enable us to earn an adequate living or even enough to keep body and soul together. All over the country I have heard similar tales, of hospital departments having million pound facelifts only to have the axe hanging over them. It is a little like getting your car re-sprayed and then having it immediately scrapped. The high salaries and benefits they have given to doctors to give a sometimes inadequate and patchy service has taken away
resources from front line services and nurses in particular have to bear the brunt. More and more responsibility is given to lower grade and unqualified staff to save money" - Name and address supplied