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Nursing in Practice BELFAST 2011 presentation slides

New directions for primary care nursing
Dr Sloan Harper, Director of Integrated Care, Health and Social Care Board

Learning disability: everyone's business
Maurice Devine, Nursing Officer (Mental Health, Learning Disability, and Older People), DHSSPSNI

The introduction of GLP-1 agonists has extended the therapeutic options available to treat type 2 diabetes. Clinical trials have differentiated them from older, established therapies, but how well do they perform in clinical practice?
Phyl Reynolds, Diabetes Nurse Facilitator, South East Trust Belfast

Training for nurses in general practice
Barbara Martin, BSc Clin Phys ASCT

Quitting made easier for clients who have found it hard in the past 
Linda Marks, Smoking Cessation Advisor, Ulster Cancer Foundation

Jeannett Martin, Freelance Consultant

The 10 things the primary care nurse needs to know about anaphylaxis in children
Dr Trevor Brown, Consultant Paediatric Allergist, The Children's Allergy Service, The Ulster Hospital

The roles and responsibilities of primary care nurses in understanding domestic abuse and its impact on children
Irene McCready, Senior Training and Development Consultant; Joan Hughes, Children's Service Manager, NSPCC

Infection prevention and control - achievements, challenges and opportunities
Rose Gallagher, Nurse Advisor Infection Prevention and Control, Royal College of Nursing

Keynote speech: Confronting challenges and celebrating achievements: practice nursing in Northern Ireland today
Dr Carolyn Mason, Head of Professional Development,
Royal College of Nursing Northern Ireland