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Nursing in Practice Birmingham 2013 Presentations Slides

Keynote Speaker: Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer, NHS England


Stream 1:

  1. The use of glycaemic agents: Achieving individualised glycaemic targets while avoiding tolerability issues
    Jill Hill, Diabetes Specialist Nurse,Shropshire Community Healthcare Trust
  2. Smoking cessation: Engaging and motivating smokers to make a change
    Kate Gegg
  3. First line eczema treatment: How do you advise parents and carers?
    Julie Van Onselon, Independent Dermatology Nurse
  4. Counting cholesterol: Inspiring patients to know their number
    Michaela Nuttall, Cardiovascular Nurse Specialist and CHD Coordinator,NHS Bromley
  5. Understanding and managing heart failure
    Jemima Traill and Debra Russell, Practice Development Coordinators, British Heart Foundation


Stream 2:

  1. Practical advice on smoking cessation: Patients with long-term conditions
    Tracy Kirk, Primary Care Based Respiratory Nurse Consultant
  2. Travellers' diarrhoea
    Cate Riley, Travel Health Specialist Nurse
  3. Cancer risk and research
    Gwen Kaplan, Awareness Nurse Team Leader, Cancer Research UK and Gill Kilgour, Awareness Nurse Team Leader,Cancer Research UK
  4. The importance of optimising therapy in COPD: Can we afford not to follow guidelines?
    Sam Prigmore, Respiratory Nurse Consultant,St George's Healthcare NHS Trust, Nurse Clinical Lead, London Respiratory Team

    Strear 3:

  1. New NICE guidance on fever: What does this mean in practice?
    Dr Edward Purssell
  2. The role of probiotics in maintaining healthy living
    Alison Burton-Shepherd, Queens Nurse, Nurse Tutor, Department of Adult Nursing,Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery,King's College London
  3. Latest developments in the management of asthma in primary care
    Carol Stonham, Prescribing Nurse
  4. Tea and health: New emerging benefits and debating the pros and cons of caffeine consumption
    Dr Carrie Ruxton, Independent Dietician 

    Stream 4:

  1. Let's talk about it: Sex, relationships and prostate cancer
    Alison Rooke, Specialist Nurse, Prostate Cancer UK
  2. Scar management: Restoring confidence
    Adele Atkinson, Principal Lecturer, Learning and Teaching Coordinator, Senior Lecturer, Tissue Viability, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education,Kingston University and St George's University of London and Natalia Wieclaw, Bio-Oil Skincare Expert, Keyline Brands


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