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Nursing in Practice came to Cardiff

Nearly 400 nurses came from all over Wales to enjoy NiP Events at the CIA in Cardiff on Tuesday. This year saw our third event in Cardiff and it seems many of you have become NiP Events regulars returning every year. Take for example our NiP advisory panel member Helen Lewis. Last year she attended the Cardiff Event as a delegate and like many of you she strolled around the stalls and stocked up on the obligatory pens and post-it notes. When she returned to the auditorium after lunch her overflowing bags drew chair Marilyn Eveleigh's attention. To cut a long story short, now she is Nursing in Practice's Welsh representative and was chairing one of the workshops on Tuesday.
As always, the Event programme consisted of a plethora of interesting topics ranging from healthcare-associated infections and smoking cessation, to perinatal mental health and respiratory care, and it was difficult for me to choose what sessions to attend.
Adrienne Willcox kickstarted the day with a keynote speech on consultations - the cornerstone of daily practice. Did you know that on average people have 5.3 consultations every year - 62% with a GP and 34% with a nurse. But times are changing; the purpose of consultations has gone from sickness to screening, and the medium has adjusted to modern life, with more contact by email than in person. But the basics of consultations never change and Adrienne gave some practical tips on how to make a consultation good: ask yourself, what's the purpose of the consultation?; what does the client need?; be quiet and listen; be organised; and most importantly, don't ever let the computer think it's the boss. A useful advice for all of us, I think.
At first glance, I thought Emma Saysell's speech on palliative care would be … well … a little gloomy, but I decided not to be so pessimistic and to go along, and was surprised how uplifted I felt after the session. Emma told us that 50% of people with a life-limiting disease want to be cared for in their home, which obviously puts a lot of pressure on their carer. But knowing that there are enthusiasts like Emma, who links roles between primary, secondary and tertiary care and makes sure patients are in the most appropriate setting regarding the state of their disease, calmed me. "You matter because you are you and you matter to the last moment of your life," Emma concluded and I left the room with a lighter heart knowing that someone will definitely take care of me if and when I need it.
After lunch it was time for some pep talking. Unfortunately the motivational speaker had become ill the day before and couldn't attend. Our three chairs, Marilyn Eveleigh, Helen Lewis and Cheryll Adams, jointly took the stage and encouraged the audience to think about what makes them feel motivated and valued at work. The discussion touched issues such as recognition from managers, closer teamwork and financial reward. A simple thank you from your patient, colleague or line manager also seems to contribute to better morale. Sadly there are things that make our Welsh nurses feel demotivated, such as poor managers without leadership skills who steam ahead and forget the people behind them, lack of staff and not getting support from colleagues. At the end of the session Helen Lewis concluded that listening to and backing each other up could be a small but important step on the way to a happier workplace. And don't ever forget to say thanks!
This is just a glimpse of what the day had to offer. What were your highlights of the Event? We would love to hear from you. If you missed the Cardiff Event, there is a second chance in Newcastle on 23 April and Manchester 20 May. Go to our Events pages for all details.

Were you at the NiP Event in Cardiff? What were your highlights?

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"Perinatal mental health was the best, but everything else was great." - Michelle Martin, Cardiff

"Presentations very good. Marilyn an excellent chair. Good exhibitors. Lunch good. I had travelled from Dorset and it was very worthwhile doing so. Plan to go again next year." - Sally Cable, Dorset

"This was my first event, and I can honestly say it won't be my last.  It was a great way to hear some fantastic speakers and mingle with other nurses.  I thought it was very well organised and would like to say thank you to the NiP team." - Jeanette Rees, St Thomas Surgery, Haverfordwest