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Nursing in Practice HCP bursary programme

  1. Applicants will be required to explain, in approximately 250 words or less, the reason for undertaking the specific course and how you think it will contribute to the industry and area of infant skincare.
  2. Applying for the bursary means you accept that the £600 payment will contribute towards a training session or course in the area of infant skincare. Payment will be made directly to individuals.
  3. There are nine bursaries available at £600 each.
  4. Entrants will be required to provide: name, age, address, phone/email, occupation and area of specialisation, length of time in occupation, proof of course application, anticipated completion date.
  5. Selected persons will be required to provide a photograph and participate in some media activity on behalf of Fairy Fabric Care from October – December 2009. This could include a phone interview with local press.
  6. Successful applicants must agree not to do or say anything which is, or may reasonably be considered by P&G, to be detrimental, derogatory, disparaging or prejudicial to P&G, the campaign and the brand 'Fairy Non Bio and Fairy Fabric Softener'
  7. Through the Fairy Non Bio and Fairy Fabric Softener bursary programme, successful applicants may have access to confidential documentation about P&G, the campaign or the brand. Successful applicants must agree that providing P&G or affiliated agencies, alert you to the confidential nature, you will not share this information with other individuals or organisations.
  8. Closing date is 1 October 2009. All entries will be collated by Nursing in Practice and the Fairy Fabric Care press Office to select successful applicants.
  9. The Fairy Fabric Care press Office will contact successful applications by 15 October, 2009 to coordinate payment.
  10. Selected applicants details will be available by contacting the Fairy Fabric Care press office on 020 7413 3000 from 1 November 2009.

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