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Nursing in Practice - Live in London

Nursing in Practice - Live in London
I have just returned to the office after two exciting days at the latest Nursing in Practice Event, held at Islington's Business Design Centre in London. It has been both exhilarating and exhausting and I managed to fill my notes pages in the Event guide with lots of ideas for future Nursing in Practice articles. Keep an eye out!
It was great to see so many of you there. Tuesday attracted more than 800 delegates and at Wednesday around 700 enjoyed the high-quality sessions, large exhibition and lively atmosphere. As Marilyn Eveleigh pointed out, I can't believe how many of you managed to get home with your bags overflowing with goodies and freebies. Our exhibitors are clearly very generous and it is thanks to them that we can enjoy the Nursing in Practice Events eight times a year throughout the UK for FREE.
With three separate strands of speaker presentations, there was scope for each delegate to have their own unique experience of the event - so I'll just share a few of my own highlights.
First mention must go to Roy Lilley, who achieved the perfect balance between humour and raising serious points in the motivational session on Wednesday. With over 500 nurses in the audience he expressed his view that primary care needs to change its approach to suit the modern demands of its "customers", by making opening times more flexible (even the local chip shop is more flexible!) and reducing waiting times. Having filled the auditorium with endorphins he finished the session with a key message: "It's OK to be proud of NHS!" Whether you agree or not, you couldn't fail to be impressed by Roy's passion and wit.
Sarah Jarvis, a famous face in the media and a regular speaker at Nursing in Practice Events, talked about diet myths. Good news - it is OK to drink four to five cups of caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea every day. It keeps us healthy, alert and might keep Alzheimer's and dementia away. She also praised the new Portfolio DietTM consisting of a high intake of almonds, soya, fibre and sterols/stanols. If you missed her session, read all about the Portfolio Diet in the latest issue of Nursing in Practice here.
Sue Woodward's talk about incontinence in Parkinson's disease offered great practical tips for an assessment. As incontinence is often an embarrassing topic to talk about, and only 10% of incontinence patients are known in primary care, it is important to ask trigger questions, such as "How many times do you go to the loo during the day/night?" and "Have you ever had a little accident/leaked?" Nurses should never ask "Do you have a bladder problem?" - it's as bad as asking "Are you incontinent?", to which the answer will likely be "No!".  
Teresa Kearney's keynote speech "Connecting for Health" kicked off the second day. She likened the introduction of IT into primary care to man walking on the moon - we thought it could never happen, but the future is now - HealthSpace, electronic patient records and prescriptions are just a few examples of where we are heading, and it is crucial that nurses get on board the IT train and use the technology to its optimal effect. But I guess that if you are reading this, you are already aware of the endless opportunities that IT brings: 24-hour accessibility, efficiency and interaction. Make the most of it!
I also enjoyed interesting talks on self-care in diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, probiotics, hepatitis C and new developments in epilepsy treatment. I could go on and on. You will find video presentations on  over the next few days so you can see for yourself what a great event it was. And if you were at our London Event, why not let us know what you thought! We would love to hear from you.
Our final Event for the year will be held in Birmingham on 21 November. I hope to see you there!

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"All the speakers were excellent, but sadly not all delegates showed appropriate respect by entering halls late. The policy of shutting doors 5 minutes after start time was good" - Name and address supplied