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Nursing in Practice returns to Manchester

Yesterday NiP came to the Bridgewater Hall for the Manchester event, and despite the rain, a great day was had by all ...

The programme in Manchester this year featured a variety of knowledgeable speakers on topics including contraception, wound care, childhood obesity and postnatal depression.

Betty Kershaw, RCN Education Adviser, kickstarted the day with a great keynote speech about the future challenges faced by primary care. The lack of nurses and healthcare professionals in general poses a threat to patient care and the address focused on how we can best encourage and support nurse, particularly students.

Gilly Andrews led an interesting talk on contraception and introduced a new option recently on the market - the NuvaRing. This promises to widen the choice available to women with regard to contraception and offers many advantages compared to the pill, helping to improve compliance.

Dr Adam Robinson provided an informative and colourful talk on the nature of type 2 diabetes. His presentation covered the link between diabetes development and weight, and the difficulty health professionals face when trying to help their patients lose weight. As he pointed out, we are faced with a barrage of food advertising on a daily basis and it is in the interests of supermarkets for us to be as large as possible, so it is not surprising that conditions such as diabetes are on the increase. The talk also covered treatment options, with a discussion of oral hypogylycaemic agents and the newer incretin therapies.

On a similar theme, Bev Cox spoke about managing lipids to reduce cardiovascular risk. Bev is an engaging speaker and the audience held onto her every word, as she outlined the advantages of statins and the guidance from NICE and QOF. Her advice was that statins are extremely effective and can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events in most patients. Patients are cautious about side-effects and what statins will do to them, but with regard to targets, when asking the question posed by the title of the talk, "Statins - how low do we go?" - the answer, according to Bev, should be "as low as possible"!

Selected presentations from the day will be available on the website soon.

If you attended the Manchester event, we would love to hear your thoughts and reflections on the day, so please share them with us!

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"I attended the event in Manchester for the first time and I really enjoyed the experience. I came away with new ideas and lots of topical information" - Suzanne Cooney, Lancashire