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One in four adults walk for less than an hour per week

A quarter of adults in the UK walk for an hour or less a week, according to an online survey of two thousand people commissioned by YouGov. This figure includes everyday walking to the shops, work or school.

The West Midlands was revealed as the region that spends the least time walking, with over a third of adults (34%) walking for no more than an hour a week.

The East Midlands however came out as the best region when it comes to walking, with 59% of people doing at least the levels required to meet recommended physical activity guidelines.

Current recommendations are that adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week, however 43% of the two thousand people surveyed said that they walked for only two hours (120 minutes) or less per week.

Over half of those surveyed overestimated how much walking they needed to do to keep healthy, with nearly a quarter (24%) reckoning they needed to do more than five hours of walking each week.