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One million join organ donor list

The number of people on the UK organ donor register has gone up by around a million in the past year, according to figures.

In June 2008, experts began to implement measures suggested by the Organ Donation Taskforce. Since then, the number of people registered has risen by 7% to 16.5 million, which is more than one in four members of the population.

There has been an 11% rise in donations, with 174 extra transplants in the past year. Donations after death rose to a record high of 899, while living donors provided 104 more organs than the previous year, totalling 961. A total of 3,516 people received an organ transplant in 2008/09.

Recruitment of donor transplant co-ordinators is also likely to increase, with 170 already in place.

The report, published by the government, details the progress made in the first year of the Organ Donation Taskforce Implementation Programme.

Lynda Hamlyn, chief executive of NHS Blood and Transplant, said: "Last year, we saw a record number of organ transplants in the UK, but it is still the case that, on average, three people die in this country because there are simply not enough organs available."

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