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One in two women affected by partners that snore

Snoreeze has commissioned new BMRB Omnibus research which confirms that millions across Britain are suffering from the effects of snoring yet they are failing to do anything about it - or even know what solutions are available to them.

More is understood about the negative effects of a poor night's sleep than ever before, but this latest study shows that one in two women have a partner that snores - and of these women, 50% are in relationships where the snorer believes their problem is merely a habit which partners must learn to cope with. With research estimating that there are 15 million snorers in the UK alone, as many as 30 million people are being forced to endure disrupted sleep.

It is the partner in the household that suffers the far-reaching negative effects of snoring, and the new research confirms this. Of the respondents surveyed one in 10 people who have a partner that snores sleep in separate rooms on a weekly basis, just to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

Dr Neil Stanley, a sleep expert from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, said: "Many partners of snorers will complain about sleep deprivation and snoring is a major contributing factor to this. There is a tendency to dismiss snoring as a detrimental factor to health and wellbeing and many people don't realise the range of options available to them to help combat snoring; the latest results is a reflection of this."

More than 25% of respondents sleeping in separate rooms claim that snoring has had an impact on their intimacy and they would try a snore relief remedy if they were aware of practical solutions.


Are you affected by your partner's snoring? What effects does it have on your daily life? Your comments:
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"Why do you only mention women affected by partners snoring? My female partner often snores very loudly. In spite of the disturbance to my sleep I don't worry about it." - Colin Nixon, Norwich

"My husband snores very loudly and has irregular breathing. It is impossible for me to get to sleep. Some nights I am awake for three to four hours. I never feel refreshed in the morning and struggle to concentrate in meetings." - Celia Cornell, London