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The Online Clinic

The Online Clinic provides an essential service for people who require lifestyle medications but who do not have time to visit their GPs to pick up repeat prescriptions on a regular basis.
The Online Clinic welcomes those who seek treatment for certain conditions which may not attract comprehensive treatment by the NHS, and currently gets a number of referrals from NHS GPs for the treatment of obesity and erectile dysfunction.  The doctors at The Online Clinic are also trained to prescribe medications for male pattern baldness, smoking cessation and female hypoactive sexual desire disorder, a condition which does not currently receive sufficient attention.
Sometimes it is not possible for the NHS to prescribe certain medications because of cost constraints and this is where The Online Clinic comes in, being a service ideal for patients who would benefit from the medication and have the funds to pay the full treatment cost. 

We at The Online Clinic offer a highly confidential consultation service for those who might be too embarrassed to speak to their GP face to face about their concerns, especially those related to sexual function; although all patients of The Online Clinic are encouraged to provide the name and address of their normal GP so that they can be notified of any prescriptions issued.  Confidentiality is paramount for our clients and we guarantee the same level of privacy you are entitled to expect from your GP.
The initial consultation is provided free of charge and the format of the consultation complies with GMC guidance for distance prescribing. The service takes place online so is available 24 hours a day and once the initial consultation has been approved, repeat prescriptions are easy, with the patient simply having to sign into a secure area using a login and password to place an order.  All prescriptions are sent electronically to Pharmacy2U in Leeds and the medication is dispensed direct to the patient, with next business day delivery guaranteed.
The Online Clinic is regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency and supplies only genuine branded medication.  Our doctors are all UK-registered and so are our pharmacists, so you can be sure of peace of mind, knowing you are being treated within the United Kingdom and protected by our stringent laws governing the prescribing of medicines.
Everything we do is safe, secure and regulated by the UK standards you expect, and we are proud to provide help to many hundreds of satisfied patients year after year.
We are so confident of our unique service that we are happy to commit to the following: 

  • Guaranteed initial consultation with a fully trained GP, with no obligation;
  • Continuous availability - even when your GP surgery is closed;
  • Prompt delivery of genuine branded medicines and pharmaceuticals.

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