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Online test to help diagnose depression in older people

Age Concern has launched a new interactive programme to help GPs diagnose depression among older people.

The "Take The Challenge" programme uses a video to test users by getting them to look for clues that an older patient has depression.

The tool also asks users to spot the barriers that stop the correct diagnosis and treatment of depression; for example, the negative stereotypes which surround ageing.

It is targeted at GPs and other health professionals and has received the backing of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

The charity believes more than two million people over 65 show signs of depression, while as few as 15% of those with clinical depression receive treatment.

Age Concern fears depression is often put down to just getting old, however there are ways to prevent it and treatments are available if the symptoms are spotted quickly enough.

All GPs and health professionals who are in contact with older people are being encouraged to "Take The Challenge" to help reduce depression rates.

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