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'Outrageous' pay decision slammed by RCN

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has launched a campaign to reverse the government's decision not to offer the 1% pay rise to all nurses. 

RCN slammed the government's decision not to follow the suggestions of the Pay Review Body as “outrageous and unfair”. 

The organisation points out that although nurses, midwives and health care assistants are “the backbone of the NHS”, most will not have a cost of living wage increase. Those that do will be receiving less than £5 per week. 

The RCN has urged members to send messages to the government calling the decision “unfair”. 

The 'What if?' campaign, to be launched on 5 June 2014, coincides with a day of action across England. 

Chief executive of the RCN, Dr Peter Carter said: “No one is denying that times have been tough and that difficult decisions need to be made however nurses have already done their bit.

“They've cared for record numbers of patients through the most disruptive reorganisation in the history of the NHS and in the face of huge workforce cuts. They deserve to be valued and appreciated and this paltry increase, which most of them won't even see, sends a very different message.

“What if? is there to give nursing staff a voice and the RCN will be campaigning  to ensure that the Government listens and does the decent and honourable thing by giving nursing staff the pay rise they deserve.”