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Parkinson's blog can educate nurses

Nurses can now gain insight into what it is like to have Parkinson's disease via a new online blog network.

The Parkinson's Disease Blog Network is the first site to centralise individual perspectives with expert input from advisory patient boards and medical professionals.

Dr Neal Hermanowicz, a member of the Parkinson's Disease Blog Network advisory board said: "The Parkinson's community is highly motivated, frequently turning to the internet as an outlet for support and information once they or a loved one has been diagnosed."

The site has a virtual Parkinson's Disease community forum, and each blog allows for user comments.

Kate Kelsall, a blog auhor said: "Many of us with Parkinson's Disease feel isolated and lonely.

"Even after diagnosis, we are scared of what lies ahead. Connecting online with others who have the same diagnosis can be reassuring. By sharing hopes and providing support for each other, we find commonality and realise we are not alone."

Parkinson's Blog Network

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"Yes, very useful. Those of us living with Parkinson's (my husband has it) often find the medical and paramedical staff don't know enough about the disease" - Name and address supplied