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Patients to be asked to review GPs

Patients will be asked to review GPs online as ministers turn to the internet to help improve services, it has been revealed.  

The government wants the public to have more of a say and is urging NHS users to give feedback about the services they have received.

The system is similar to the travel website Tripadvisor, which encourages travellers to comment and rate the service encountered at hotels they have visited.

The new platform will be available from this summer through the NHS Choices website.

It has been established as part of a 87-page reform paper by Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and incorporates a wide range of public services.

He said: "We are ushering in a new world of accountability in which parents, patients and local communities shape the services they receive, ensuring all our public services respond not simply to the hand of government, but to the voice of local people."

The prime minister also promised an "information revolution", realising the government had been "much too slow to make use of the enormous democratising power of information".

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