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Patients "satisfied" with NHS Direct

Patients are more likely to be pleased rather than dissatisfied with the service they receive from NHS Direct, a patient survey shows.

Last year the service received 1,533 compliments and only 775 complaints.

Monthly patient surveys also revealed consistent patient satisfaction, with 97% of callers saying they were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the help they received.

Clinical Director Helen Young said: “We are always delighted to hear positive feedback, and this year's figures are particularly pleasing. But we also take complaints and feedback very seriously.

“NHS Direct has a robust system in place to ensure we disseminate good practice when we get things right and learn form our mistakes when we get things wrong.”

Most compliments were made about the quality of advice, attitude of the staff, provision of good health information and appropriate referral and good assessment.

NHS Direct receives over 29 million calls a year.

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