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Patients to text in weight

A new scheme where doctors text patients to obtain their weight has proved a success in Hammersmith and Fulham primary care trust.

Requesting patients' weight via text message was found to be a quick and effective method of updating medical records.

Nearly a quarter of adults in the UK and a fifth of children are currently obese.

The trust believe their innovative approach has proved more effective than traditional ways of obtaining this information.

Mandy Norton, practice manger in Hammersmith and Fulham primary care trust, said: "Text messaging has been a massive help enabling us to gather a patient's weight quickly in order to calculate their body mass index.

"Of course we weigh people at the surgery, but this method allows us to quickly and very cost effectively update the records of people who may not need our services very often.

"With mobile being the communication method of choice for our very varied patient base and with obesity levels being where they are, we feel that this is a perfect complement to our service."

Hammersmith and Fulham PCT