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Pfizer announces inhaled insulin "transition" programme

Pfizer has announced that it is to place an extended "transition" programme to supply inhaled insulin for up to 12 months, depending on existing stock levels and expiry dates.

The product is to be officially withdrawn from the market in January 2008 but it is hoped that this programme will help some patients switch back to other forms of treatment.

It is also hoped this period will allow another pharmaceutical  company to pick up the production of inhaled insulin.

Simon O'Neill, Director of Care at Diabetes UK, said: "Pfizer's decision to put in place a transition programme is helpful.

"We now want to see another pharmaceutical company take on the production of inhaled insulin. It is crucial that people with diabetes have access to a variety of treatments to ensure that they can self-manage their condition effectively."

Diabetes UK wants to see a long-term solution put in place and are to contact a variety of pharmaceutical companies in the UK and the US to encourage them to consider taking over the manufacture of inhaled insulin.

Pfizer's transition programme is only available to patients already on inhaled insulin and no new patients are to be considered.
Diabetes UK

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