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PHE works towards lessening north-south divide

Public Health England is working towards lessening the healthcare divide between north and south England. 

In a conference in Blackpool, north regional director Professor Paul Johnstone presented evidence that people in the north suffer worse health. 

He said that there are reports “going back years” which show people living in poorer areas “don't live as long and don't enjoy such good health”.

Professor Johnstone said: “A number of things have been tried in the past - some worked, some didn't, but it's clear we need a new approach. I believe the time is right now to take this forward, which is why PHE is prepared to take the lead, working with many others across the north. 

“We know we don't need more reports that only describe the problem. We need to look at how we organise ourselves differently to link up and build on our assets. And we need to be ready to challenge each other and make sure whatever can be done is being done to get a fair deal for the north.”

Professor Johnstone's presentation is available to view on the PHE website