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PM Leads Support For Nursing in Practice Respect Campaign

Today marks the launch of the Nursing in Practice Respect campaign - our bid to get primary care and community nurses the recognition they deserve.

And the big names have already moved to add their backing for the campaign.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley was among the first to officially show his support for NiP's Respect campaign, already promising to encourage MPs to support the debate when it reaches Parliament, while PM David Cameron offered his 'full support'.

David Cameron - Prime Minister

"When we think about nurses, it is important to remember nurses in the community, in GP practices and in other healthcare settings.

"The care and compassion shown by community nurses day in day out - providing consistency of care and a friendly face to the elderly and vulnerable and supporting people to live independent lives - is vital.

"The new nursing forum that I have set up will look at nursing in every setting to ensure that the best nursing and leadership practices are spread throughout the service, helping all nurses achieve better, more personalised care for patients."

Andrew Lansley - Health Secretary

“The Respect campaign is a very good idea,” said Lansley. For a number of reasons we are going to see a bigger focus on the quality of nursing in the community and less of the assumption that when you talk about a nurse you are talking about a nurse on a ward of a hospital.

“We will instead begin talking about those nurses who are very often independent practitioners working in the community and serving as the lynchpin for the development of health services.”

Dr Clare Gerada - RCGP Chair

 “The RCGP General Practice Foundation (GPF) supports any effort that highlights the importance of excellent nursing standards in primary care. The GPF has recently produced a set of standards and competencies for general practice nurses, and it is seeking ways to support their continuing professional and career development.”

Andrea Spyropoulos - President of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

"It's very important for primary care and community nurses to feel they have support, not least as the whole model of care has changed in the way we are delivering services in primary care,” she said.

“Primary care nurses are not seen as doing a technical job but they are the bridge between other parts of the service and patients. They may not be critical care nurses working in the hospital but the work they do is critical for patients and the service.

“I absolutely support the work they do and the campaign to get a national day of recognition for primary care nurses."

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