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PM promises better pay for nurses

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has promised nurses a better pay rise in the future as he ruled out above-inflation increases for MPs.

He said Westminster salary hikes should be limited to 1.9% this year, despite the Senior Salaries Review Body recommending a 2.8% rise.

The body's recommendation had sparked anger among nurses and other public sector workers who have been told their increases must stay below 2% this year to keep inflation under control.

The final decision on MPs' pay will be made in a House of Commons vote, but Mr Brown's comments will make it difficult for them to give themselves massive wage hikes.

Mr Brown said: "Government ministers must have a rate of pay increase that is below 2% - 1.9%. At the same time, my recommendation is that that is what goes for MPs.

"We must show exactly the same discipline that we ask of other people.

"The recommendations for significant pay rises will be rejected. It is very important that we send a message to nurses and police and all these people in the public sector. It is very important in this year that we break the back of inflation.

"In future years, we will do better by the police, we can do better by nurses and teachers, we will do better by the army."

Downing Street

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"Being in a GP practice our salary seems stagnant. Four years  or more and we have the same pay. What rise?" - Name and address supplied"

"Can he do better by nurses and teachers? Then why doesn't he? I live in an expensive area and struggle to pay all the bills leaving me doing overtime hours almost every week. With our "unions" willing to accept whatever is thrown our way, what is the point? I work terrible hours and have little respect from my patients. I'm off to Tesco's to stack shelves!!" - Name and address supplied

"He won't. Nurses are soft targets, non-militant and accepting of every crumb that is thrown at us. Our unions are useless, they don't ask grass roots opinion. Take agenda for change, I've yet to meet anyone who admits to voting YES and yet here we are, yet another rubbish deal" - Name and address supplied

"We are never given anything without having to put something back, interest rates go up, gas goes up, council tax goes up, so if he does give us a rise we lose it on other out goings" - Name and address supplied

"Maybe I'm being cynical - notice the difference - "We will do better by the the army" - male dominated professions and "We can do better by nurses and teachers" - female dominated professions" - Name and address supplied
"I hope he sticks to his word. How can we give MPs respect when they line their own pockets, whilst we have to have below- inflation pay rises" - Name and address supplied

"Not a cat in hell's chance. Man speak with fork tongue" - Name and address supplied

"Not a chance. More likely will get some sort of political mumbo jumbo which sounds good but delivers very little" - Name and address supplied