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Poor lifestyle choices pressurising NHS

The NHS is pressurised by self-inflicted conditions claims the Welsh health minister.

Mark Drakeford believes that the NHS is having to “rescue” people from conditions that could have been prevented by better lifestyle choices such as  cutting back on smoking, drinking and a healthier diet.

He also claims that he has written to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, asking him to impose a mandatory reduction of sugar in processed foods.

He said: “"The NHS has a responsibility and it's my responsibility as minister to ensure the service is as good as we can make it, but there are responsibilities citizens and patients have too.

"If we want the NHS as a future to continue providing for us when something awful happens we have to do more to avoid the harms that are avoidable."

His comments were made to the BBC as part of their investigation looking into the NHS in Wales. Also published was a poll from ICM research.

The poll showed that more than 50% of people in Wales believe that the NHS should limit treatment options for those that refuse to make lifestyle changes.