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Portal reveals 'at risk' kids

A computer system that allows clinicians to view information about children deemed 'at risk' by social services has been launched by Central Eastern CSU. 

The system will allow colleagues within the community trust to highlight at risk children, providing GPs with a view of crucial data, including basic demographics, the names of family members and any recent A&E attendances. 

Central Eastern CSU hopes the portal will allow “more joined-up decisions” about a child's health and wellbeing. 

Lloyd Baker, assistant director ICT informatics and chief information officer at Central Eastern CSU, who initiated the project said: “There is a wealth of information that is locked away in different IT systems that GPs and other health and social care professionals simply do not know exists or cannot access. 

“The portal will provide a much quicker and efficient way of opening up access to that information, which is imperative in recognising whether a child is at risk and will allow healthcare professionals to take the necessary steps to protect them at the earliest stage possible.”

Starting this month 100 GPs will have access to pilot the system. A review will then be held in autumn before to roll out to the full GP population.