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Pregnant women told be alert early

Expectant mothers have been urged to pay attention to bodily changes and side effects that can provide vital early warning signs if something is wrong

A range of potentially embarrassing health concerns, including increased body hair, sweating and constipation can be experienced by women during pregnancy, according to a new poll.

Confusion arose about what to eat and drink, whether it is safe to have sex or get on a plane whilst pregnant.

Other symptoms uncovered by the survey of 1,303 mothers and pregnant women included itching, bleeding or pain, mood swings, pregnancy-related wind and random breast leakage.

The survey, for the charity Tommy's and Johnson's Baby, also found that 45% of women had received conflicting advice.

Tommy's midwife, Sharon Simms, is helping to launch a campaign to help women overcome their embarrassment.  She said: "Being pregnant is one of the biggest changes the body goes through, bringing with it a wealth of new and sometimes unexpected experiences.

"Whilst most are harmless, it is important that women are paying attention to these changes, as they can provide vital early warning signs if something is wrong."

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