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Prentis to condemn private finance

Health and public service workers will no longer put up with the "fundamental flaws" inherent in deals made with the private sector, a leading union chief is expected to warn.

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis (pictured) will tell the union's health conference in Harrogate that patience among his members is running out and the government is losing the trust of public sector workers "in their droves".

He will tell the 1,000 assembled delegates: "The country is in a mess and we look to the government to come up with serious solutions, not to waste time in childish venom.

"But at the moment, the government is losing us. It is losing the support and trust of health and public service workers in their droves.

"The rich bankers and greedy speculators who got us into the mess are rewarded with huge bail-outs."

Citing the need of certain private finance initiative school and hospital building projects to be bailed out, Mr Prentis will suggest the flaws of working with the private sector have "come home to roost".

"Big business will only take the profit, but won't shoulder the risk, while ordinary workers, expecting to put in a fair day's work for a fair day's pay, are rewarded with threats of job cuts, low or no pay and privatisation," he will say.

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