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Prolongued jaundice "often overlooked"

A children's charity are launching a “Yellow Alert” campaign to help health visitors recognise the signs and symptoms of neonatal liver disease.

The Children's Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF) campaign aims to teach professionals of the implications of infant jaundice.

CDLF Research shows that less than 50% could define prolonged jaundice and only 10% could identify yellow urine as a potential symptom.

Just 2.2% of health visitors knew that a split bilirubin blood test would identify the disorder.

Catherine Arkley, Chief Executive of CLDF, explains: “For more than 25 years we have been supporting families whose child has died or needed an early transplant resulting from a failure to identify the signs and symptoms of liver disease and initiate prompt referral.

“The signs of neonatal liver disease are simple and visual but they are often overlooked, particularly as the baby can look and feed well.”

The CLDF will be providing a free pack of resources to health visitors consisting of colour charts, care pathways and parent information leaflets.

Sarah Tizzard, clinical nurse specialist at the Paediatric Liver Centre at King's College Hospital, London, said: “It can be difficult for healthcare professionals to recognise what may be an abnormal case of jaundice but this life-saving campaign is underpinned by all the information needed to implement an effective jaundice protocol.”

Children's Liver Disease Foundation