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Public backs smokefree laws

The public fully support the birth of a smokefree England, results from the latest public poll show.

With just ten days to go until the smoking ban, public support is high with eight out of ten people supporting the introduction of the new laws.

On Sunday 1 July virtually all enclosed public spaces will become smokefree.

The poll, published by the government, says that public awareness has increased, with 95% of those surveyed conscious of the new law today compared to just 55% in April this year.

At least 78% people say smokefree legislation will have a positive effect on their health, 53% of whom were smokers.

Confidence in public enforcement is also high; nine out of ten people think the legislation will be imposed.

Public Health Minister, Caroline Flint, said: "A smokefree England will see the single biggest improvement in public health for a generation.

"We have worked hard over the last seven months to ensure that everyone is aware of the new law, how it affects them and what they need to do.

"Support has been provided to businesses and individuals by the Department of Health and local councils and we are confident that England is ready to go smokefree on 1 July."

Department of Health

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