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Public "more aware" of cancer risks

Recent reports highlighting the links between cancer and lifestyle have led to an increase in public awareness about the disease, it has been claimed.

An online survey shows that the number of Britons who know that being overweight increases cancer risk has risen by 20% since August.

Some 67% of the 2,220 people who completed the poll said they understood the association with weight, while awareness of the cancer risks of eating a poor diet had gone up from 54% to 71%.

The proportion of the public understanding the influence of physical activity and alcohol on cancer rose from 33% to 52%, and from 35% to 49% respectively.

The survey was commissioned by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) to follow up a report it published which found "convincing" evidence that being overweight can cause six different types of common cancer, including those affecting the breast, bowel and pancreas.

Professor Martin Wiseman, project director of the WCRF report, said: "It is great news that the launch of the report seems to have led to a big increase in awareness about the link between cancer and lifestyle.

"This survey suggests that millions more Britons now know that cancer is not just a question of fate but that instead they can affect their risk by the choices they make."


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