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Public sector cuts will hit women

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has warned that women are more likely to lose their jobs in expected public sector cuts following the upcoming general election.

It found that double the amount of women were employed in the public sector and consequently were most vulnerable to the changes.

It predicted that women living in Scotland, the North East and Wales would be worst affected.

TUC General Secretary, Brendan Barber, said: "Slashing public spending may satisfy fiscal hawks and city traders but it would cause misery to millions of people who have already suffered from the recession. A fresh wave of public sector job losses could leave many families with both parents out of work.

"Many women choose to work in the public sector because it offers secure work with a good work-life balance and a decent retirement income. It's hardly fair that these are now all under threat thanks to the mistakes of super-rich bankers, who are already back collecting their bonuses.

"When politicians talk about the need for deep spending cuts they rarely say how this would affect ordinary working people. But as our report makes clear, women would have to pay for these cuts with their jobs and pensions."

The report was published on the opening day of the TUC Women's Conference in Eastbourne.

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"I think that as many bankers are now also public sector employees, ie, the taxpayers own them, they should pay for their own mistakes and not expect other sectors of the public sector to bail them out. Their greed will result in many elderly and vulnerable people paying for their mistakes. Would other public sector employees expect to be bailed out and pay for
their mistakes, are the bankers not accountable for their actions as we are?" - Louise Baker