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Public sector "expecting pay rise"

A new report has found the majority of workers believe the economy will improve next year and public sector workers are hopeful that they will be in line for an increased salary.

Despite a 1% cap on public sector wage rises for two years from 2011, the survey  found those in the public sector think their salary will increase by 2%, and private company employees predict it will go up by 3% in 2010.

However, the poll of  2500 workers by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found a quarter of private sector staff and a fifth of public sector workers do not anticipate a pay rise after a number of wage freezes across the UK this year.

Charles Cotton, the CIPD's reward adviser, said: "While most private-sector workers predict that they will get a pay rise next year, over one in four do not think that this will be the case, focused in hard-hit economic sectors such as construction and manufacturing.

"Public-sector workers are clearly not sensing that the pay storm clouds are gathering. It looks like 2010 will prove to be the last hurrah of this gilded age.

"Given that just over a third of workers did not get a bonus in 2009, it's not surprising that a lower percentage (26%) predict this will happen in 2010."

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"I believe the economy will worsen over the next year and beyond. Whether we get a pay freeze or not, all hard working British taxpayers will be paying heavily for the reckless actions of this government" - Suzette Trees, West Midlands

"I have had absolutely enough of poor pay for nurses. The best rise we ever had was about 30 years ago (Salmon Report) where I think we had a 7% pay rise. After 39 years of nursing/midwifery and health visiting practice and after constantly updating and achieving optimum academic requirements, I am sick of waiting so I am taking my retirement in 2010!" - Kathryn Johnson, Cheshire